Why I have always loved Dr. Berry Brazelton

Probably 26 years ago, I saw Dr. Brazelton on a morning TV talk show. It showed a clip of him holding a newborn and followed with his interview.  His entire demeanor was very kind, nurturing and compassionate. In my young mom opinion, he made Dr. Spock (the other expert pediatrician at the time) look rigid and even a little harsh. I have followed this pediatric icon since then, recommending his many Touchpoints books now and then to parents needing some information. His Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) is used worldwide and is a great tool for physicians, nurse and parents of newborns. In February, he received the Presidential Citizens Medal for his lifelong contributions to pedicatrics and child development. 

Today, I was reading an article on him. I was SO happy to see this quote, “I do not believe in telling people how to parent,” he says. “I’ve never done it, that I know of, in my books. I don’t like parenting courses. I don’t think they really serve a purpose, and, in a way, they are negative. They say, ‘We know how to do it and you don’t.’ Well, is that what you really want to put over with parents?" It is a philosophy that guides everything from his talks with parents to his Touchpoints Institute initiatives, which coach pediatricians, health professionals and other family service workers at 35 sites around the country on how to relate to parents more effectively about helping their children."

This supports my belief that parents are the best experts on their children and do not need to be TOLD how to be a good parent. As a parenting coach, I support parents in finding the solutions that are unique to their individual family and lead their family in the direction that is right for them, using their strengths to do so.

Thanks, Dr. Brazelton!

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