Tween mood swings?

by Marcy Lytle


We all have mood swings, and tweens are no different. In fact, as their bodies are changing, sometimes their emotions swing out of control. So what’s a parent to do? 

In our home, we found that our best defense against mood swings was to identify the triggers and work together to minimize them. 

The triggers that often started my kids’ mood swings included a lack of sleep, spending too much time away from home or hanging out with friends who had bad attitudes. My husband and I played a role, too. We found that when we let our moods get out of control, it influenced the kids. 

Although hormones did affect our tweens and their emotions, a good balance of love, discipline and personal awareness kept the swings to a minimum.

This article appeared in the October/November 2012 issue ofThriving Family magazine. Copyright © 2012 by Marcy Lytle. Used by permission.