Client Testimonials

Brenda as a parenting and life coach is a positive inspiration.  She is warm and friendly and easy to talk to.  She helped me look at some transitions and relationships in a new way.  She helped me be proactive and helped find some good ways to deal with some stressful situations in life.  I would recommend her as a parenting or life coach to anyone.  I came away from the experience feeling more focused and rejuvenated.  When can we meet again?

-Phyllis, Batavia, IL


Brenda haDSC00959s had a huge impact on my life and the lives of my children. She always has encouraging words of wisdom.  Brenda offers loving advice but is also able to be objective in a non-judgmental way. I know that she will support and help me through life’s challenges.

-Angie, St. Charles, IL


Brenda Shover is one lovely, classy and gracious lady!  Brenda has coached me.  She listened, encouraged, empathized and supported me. She is efficient, organized and a true professional. She is caring and compassionate and it shows in her coaching. You cannot find any coach better than Brenda when you need guidance, direction and support for family issues.

– Melanie
Certified Coach
The Spiral Spirit, Albuquerque, NM

Brenda Shover leads a parenting class and provides one-on-one parent mentoring for our transitional living center for homeless women and children.  We have found her to be an invaluable member of our team!  Many of our families come to our center broken, frustrated and in crisis.  We are pleased to be able to connect our moms with Brenda as she is just what they need.  Her professional, yet calming nature, provides practical help in a non-judgmental manner that breaks down defensive walls and builds trusting relationships.  It’s a privilege to work with Brenda!
–  Lynda Dorsch, Lifespring Center Director 


I don’t know what I would have done without Brenda Shover’s sleep coaching IMG_4855services! I hired Brenda when we started having major sleep issues when my son was about 4 months old. Brenda helped me customize a sleep-coaching plan that I was very comfortable with following.  Her support and gentle guidance were exactly what I needed to feel confident as I helped my son learn to be a good sleeper. As a new mom, sometimes all I needed was a confidence boost.  I loved working with Brenda so much that I ended up using her services a few times for various sleep regressions and transitions.  Thanks to Brenda’s help and guidance earlier on, my now 8-month-old son is a fantastic sleeper.  We couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend contacting Brenda for sleep coaching. I wish I had called her sooner!

October 2015
Naperville, IL

We are so thankful to have found Brenda to coach us through our sleep issues. We were in pretty bad shape with sleep and were in desperate need of some help with our then 17 month old. Brenda helped us create a plan that fit our parenting style and the work we’d already put in. She really valued who we were as a family and worked to create a plan that supported us and what we viewed as important elements of both sleep and parenting. What I love most about Brenda is how she encouraged us to take the lead and treated us like the experts on our little girl and her sleep. Through working together, my own confidence as a parent has grown tremendously. We had let some of our sleep issues go on for too long because I was constantly second guessing myself and couldn’t commit to any sort of changes because I worried that it was the “wrong” way to do things or would do more harm than good. Brenda is so knowledgable on child development and children’s sleep patterns, and clearly wanted to honor our parenting values, so I was able to trust her right away and commit to a plan that we all felt comfortable with. All along the way, she would reassure me that my own instincts were right on and helped me to see my own parenting strengths. With her coaching, we have seen incredible improvement in sleep for our entire family and I know we wouldn’t be where we are without her!

Colleen and Ben W., Hartsburg, MO, formerly Denver, CO – January 2016

Hello my local parent friends…Today I attended a potty training help session that was facilitated by Brenda Shover. It was really great. I walked away feeling like there was hope that I would not be changing my toddler’s diapers FOREVER. If you are struggling with or anxious about potty training, check her out! Contact her! She also helps with sleep problems and other big parenting challenges.
Seong K., St. Charles IL – 2015

It was apparent from the beginning of class that Brenda is an educator. She provided many hands-on opportunities to try out swaddling and holding (like a football!). Her gentle sense of humor made everyone feel ok about goofing up and made the class fun. The small group size was a good way to learn. Brenda is passionate and knowledgable about babies. I’d recommend this class for all nervous, first-time dads.
Rob, Wheaton, IL

November 2015

We are so grateful to have Brenda help us with the task of potty training our little guy. We attended the initial potty training class and instantly connected with her as she is kind and very encouraging. She helped us with a customized 3 day plan that worked for my son and our family. She has reminded me to trust myself as a parent and to think of potty training as a time of celebration! I wholeheartedly recommend Brenda to help you through any aspect of parenting.

Brit B.
Denver, CO

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