#Parenting Tip Tuesday #Manners Matter

#Manners Really Matter

People who speak and act with courtesy and respect for others are more likely to be successful in all aspects of their lives. Here are a few ways to instill proper manners in the next generation.

1. Your children are always watching you; and even when you think they are not listening… they are. Be sure that what they hear is what you want them to sound like, today, tomorrow and next year. Whether you are talking to your neighbor, your buds, your spouse or the waitress, what you say is a script for your kids.  

2. While kids pick up manners by following the example of those around them, little reminders (said in a positive way) are often helpful in making "please" and "thank you" a habit. Basic table manners, such as chewing with your mouth closed, can be explained in a sentence or two. 

3. There are some cute children's books and fun songs to reinforce good manners. Check YouTube and iTunes for ideas.

Using basic etiquette  conveys the attitude of respect for others and helps pave the way for positive social interactions with peers and adults. People skills count!