Parenting Tip Tuesday

You are and always will be, one of if not the most, influential people in your child's life. That's part of the parenting package. However, it may enhance your child's growth and development to allow other trusted adults to spend time and encourage and guide them, also. Classroom teachers are an example but I am thinking more along the lines of less formal connections; aunts/uncles, grandparents, family friends, neighbors, instructors, youth pastors. I encourage you to keep an open dialogue with your child and monitor his interest and enthusiasm. Allowing your son or daughter to explore interests you may not share and to accept instruction from someone who is not mom or dad is #1- a postive experience, #2- builds confidence, #3- allows them to sample new activites and skills, and #4- gives you a break. Win-win-win-win! 

If it feels right for your family, there are many benefites of allowing extended family and true friends, in alignment with your values, to be a part of your dedicated journey of child-rearing.