Parenting Tip Tuesday

Are You of a Mindful Mind?


Did you know that multi-tasking might not be as effective as once thought? So for those of us who have prided ourselves on being able to do several things at once, well, we (including me) may not be accomplishing as much as we believe. Current research shows that focusing all of our attention on one task at a time before turning all of our attention to the next task may lend itself to greater productivity with less stress.

Mindfulness, very simply put, is living in the moment. If you are drinking coffee, consciously enjoy the warmth, how it feels as it reaches your lips, the weight of the cup. If you are driving to work, notice your breathing, the sounds of the engine, observe the beginning of buds on the trees. Mindfulness is often associated with mediation but simply focusing on your daily living activities can quiet your mind and increase your sense of peacefulness, if even only briefly. So how does this relate to parenting?

One of the best gifts you can give your kids is your undivided attention. It shows him/her that you value her thoughts and feelings and enhances the bond between you and your children. As a life coach, I am committed to being consciously present to my client throughout our entire session. I create space to allow my client to explore ideas, feelings and talk openly without judgment. I occasionally ask questions to support my client in fully exploring an issue.  All is client-led. I invite you to give this gift to your child.  

Implementing this may take some planning if you are out-numbered kids-to-parents in your home. In other homes, it may just happen organically, as you eat breakfast or tuck your little one into bed. Some kids may like to be able to plan what they want to talk about; others may feel pressured and prefer to share what’s on their mind in the moment. Depending on you, your kids, their ages and other characteristics, being totally present for them may outwardly look the same or different from your usual conversations. As you completely focus on the moment, the connection changes, deepens. Live in the moment and your family will reap the benefits.