Parenting Tip Tuesday

5 Tips to Winter Clean Your Child's Room

Are you feeling the need to de-clutter after the deluge of Christmas toys and other winter induced stuff? Here are five ways to get you started and, most importantly, get you through it. 

1. Form a vision. What do you realistically want to accomplish? Take into account your available time and finances. Perhaps new baskets will motivate you and/or your kids in your vision of total organization? Maybe rearranging the furniture is what you envision look to freshen the room. If you are short on time, maybe your vision is to simply put away everything where it belongs. Envision what the result of your efforts will look like.

2. Tell someone. Yep! You need someone to inquire how you are progressing. There is something about having someone else hold you accountable that just makes you do it. (This is one benefit of having a life coach, by the way.)

3. Break your end result into doable steps. For example: if your vision is to organize the dresser drawers and clean out the closet, plan how you will make this happen. You may set aside two hours each Sunday until you reach your goal. If you only have small chunks of time, clean out one drawer or one section of the closet on Monday and Thursday nights until everything is neat and organized. 

4. As you go through your kid's room, sort things into piles or bins: Keep, Throw away, Donate, and Relocate (to another room in your home). Get the Throw away and Donate piles to their destination as fast as you can! 

5. Reward yourself for a job well-done! Whether it is sitting on the floor in your kid's room and savoring the pristine environment or treating everyone to a movie, acknowledge your hard work! 

Now on to the next room!