Parenting Tip Tuesday

It’s the Little Things For the Little Ones

If you’re like me (and most parents) you probably put significant energy into planning special occasions for your kids. You plan birthday parties, swim outings, play dates, movies, live shows and other fun and cool things with friends and family. I did my share of scheduling outings when my kids were young. We did the Disney on Ice, sleepovers, birthday parties; I even planned a camping trip once so my girls could experience that and I’m not a camper. (So, that wasn’t my best plan.)  It has always been important to me to make good memories for my kids, whether it was a holiday, birthday or just a day off from school.

In the past month, my husband and I have taken care of grandchildren and nieces, overnight, collectively, for more than a total of two weeks. Not all of them at once. That would be just plain crazy. Hahaha Our grandsons’ parents had a chance to go on a cruise, our nieces were off school for two days when it was arctic temperatures, and, right now, we are taking care of our granddaughter recovering from having her tonsils and adenoids taken out. I’m sharing all of this because I’ve had an “Aha” moment or two lately.

Continuing my “program director” role, I try to plan fun things to do for this next generation of young’uns but I am known for the little things we do together. The kids look forward to playing with the “old” dollhouse (sorry, Britt!), homemade playdough, buttery noodles with no cheese, tossing things off the open staircase, petting Maddie, reading books, all little but, I guess, significant to the kids.

Here is my tip: Continue to plan your special outings as you normally do. They are fun and important. But, I encourage you to be open and pay attention to the little things, the “Mom makes the best chocolate and caramel swirl pudding” or “Grandpa’s eyes get so big when he’s teasing” kinds of things. It is the little things that are a natural part of their experience and those things that will be remembered with fondness as they grow up.