Parenting Tip Tuesday

Sleep On It


Our subconscious is pretty amazing. Even while you are asleep, your brain keeps working. What a great time to put it to use to help solve your parenting concerns! Before you go to sleep, give your brain an assignment. "What do I need to do to determine if my two-year-old is ready for toilet training?" or "How can I communicate more effectively with my tween?" "Should I volunteer for my first grader's Valentine party?" Let your subconscious wrestle with your concerns while you rest your body. One caveat- Once you give this to your subconscious, you have to actually sleep.smiley Be mindful that you truly give it up and your issue doesn't keep you awake. 

This isn't a new notion. Thomas Edison said, "Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious." It worked for him pretty well! It will for you, too, for parenting and other aspects of your life.