Parenting Tip Tuesday

#Cooking with #Kids

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to try new foods? What are they doing while you prepare their meals? I encourage you to include your children in preparing a meal with you now and then. Many of my favorite memories, both of raising my kids and as a little girl in my parents home, involve food. Although it was more than 40 years ago, I can recall sitting in the kitchen with my mom, tearing bread into small chunks for our Thanksgiving dressing.  When children are part of planning and preparation, they are more likely to find it edible and even like it! Cooking is a great learning tool, involving math skills, reading, comprehension, science, and many other important skills.

Schedules are busy and sometimes it's all you can do to get him to and from boy scouts, finish the nightly homework and get tummies full. I'd encourage you to consider taking a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon to make browneis or soup. Maybe plan a half day to bake Christmas cookies. As I've said before, do what it doable, enjoyable and what feels right for your family.