Infant Massage

Parent-Infant Massage Instruction

Classes offered privately in the comfort of your home or in a small group setting at a convenient location near you.

Benefits of Infant Massage

For Baby…

  • Helps to strengthen and regulate the baby’s primary systems, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculature, and gastrointestinal
  • Works to enhance the immune system
  • Reduces gas and colic
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Helps baby relax and release tensions
  • Contributes to parent-baby bonding by touch, eye contact, talking and loving interaction

For Parent…

  • Provides better understanding of baby’s cues of responsiveness
    Enhances communication and emotional connection
    Increases confidence and handling skills
    Greatly improves the bond of affectional attachment
    Promotes the means to have quality interaction time
    Is relaxing for parent
    Helps parent to re-connect after being separated due to other responsibilities
  • Class cost $45 per family (parents and baby, demo dolls provided for expectant parents), Price includes a stroke booklet and a starter bottle of massage oil

    Please contact me for pricing of private instruction as fees vary by location.

Please bring these items to classes:

  • Soft and comfortable blanket for baby and pillow or blanket for your own comfort.
  • We will be on the floor.
  • Extra diapers and small towel
  • Dress baby in easy to remove clothing
  • Change of clothing and a small favorite toy
  • Any necessary items for feeding